DofE Expeditions for Schools

A range of support for schools:

Full expedition provision

We can offer a full expedition programe to schools.

We will make all arrangements including training, practice and assessment.

This includes all risk assessments, campsite bookings, and group supervision.

Help getting started with running expeditions at school

We can also offer additional instructors, supervisors or assessors to support schools with their own delivery of expeditions at all levels.

This might help if your school is new to DofE expeditions, or new to running Gold level expeditions.

We provide competency training and awards to support the school leaders through to self sufficiency and CLA attainment.

Walking or Canoing

We provide gold walking expeditions and small canoe expeditions at all levels.

Walking expeditions are the most popular option for schools.

If your team are keen on paddling, or want something a bit different, then we have specialist knowledge to provide canoe expeditions that will meet a variety of needs and ambitions.

High quality solutions

We enter into close partnerships with a small number of schools and other organisations, and do not offer large generic expeditions.

We are a Community Interest Company (not for profit) and we reinvest constantly to enhance our service.

Contact Us

Please do contact us for an informal discussion about how we can help:

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